Regulatory Compliance

Web3 is the biggest technological development since the internet, and arguably its impacts will be far wider reaching for our society and economic system. The nature of cryptocurrencies and Web3 technology as borderless, decentralized and open access offers amazing opportunities for greater economic inclusion and innovation. However, these features also present some very real challenges for centralized states who desire to have surveillance over markets in order to protect consumers and prevent illicit activities.

As a result, crypto and Web3 regulation is a pressing issue for us at Standard as fintech innovators, as founders of a DAO, and for our efforts to create social and environmental impact. We believe appropriate regulation of the Web3 space can play a major role in the way this new technology develops and the impacts it has on society. We aim to add value and balance to the overall conversation around blockchain and Web3 regulation, so that progress can be made towards ensuring this potentially transformative technology furthers the shared goal of building a better future for all of humanity.

In addition, Standard is currently engaged in producing a research project into the regulation of the crypto and Web3 space. This report will serve the dual purpose of:

  • Informing our own approach moving forward in founding the DAO and launching crypto-based products

  • Publishing this knowledge for people in policy-making positions and those in the crypto/Web3 sector to access freely.

This regulation report exercise features over 100 research contributors with a range of backgrounds including legal, crypto industry experience, political science, economics, international development, and environmental policy. Read the initial report contents on the Standard Blog

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