Is SDA a stable coin?

No, SDA is not a stable coin. Rather, SDA looks to become the top Standard Digital Asset backed by a mixture of standard assets across all markets and industries. Building a diversified treasury with assets both correlated (e.g., BTC, ETH) and not correlated (e.g., precious metals, stocks, real estate) to the crypto market increases the stability of the treasury and SDA coin through bear cycles.

SDA price volatility?

SDA could trade at a very high price because the market is ready to pay a hefty premium to capture a percentage of the current market capitalization. However, the price of SDA could also drop to a large degree if the market sentiment turns bearish. We would expect significant price volatility during our growth phase so please do your own research whether this project suits your goals.

Who controls the treasury?

The treasury is controlled by the team at the inception of the protocol and direction of which to be voted upon by SDA token holders.

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