Partnerships, DAO, Roadmap


Intrinsic to the core structure of Standard is its ability to integrate with and incentivise partnerships with other projects. Given the nature and vision of Standard, we see Standard and the SDA token as the center of an entire ecosystem of development. It does this because it is a protocol that brings in the most robust assets across all major markets (eventually) solidifying security, trust, and a foundation for which to build upon for years to come. At the start we see these partnerships growing within the blockchain ecosystem but then expanding across traditional and retail markets as we build upon the public goods sectors providing robust ecosystems for humans to operate.

Venture Model

By offering swaps for projects, Standard creates a mechanism to lock that project’s asset in its treasury without the ability to sell it in the future. This creates an intrinsic floor for that asset adding confidence and liquidity, both of which decrease volatility over time. By offering swaps for Standard Assets, we have the ability to bring in some of the largest and most robust communities in the blockchain space from the start. We see this approach having a network effect, providing a bridge for communities that have traditionally been at odds with each other.

Standard Venture Partnerships

Every entity engaging with Standard in an independent business venture capacity will be required to become a Standard Venture Partner. Venture Partners will be required to submit an application assessing the idea against our criteria to determine if the partner and Standard will be a good fit to support each other's mandates. Areas of interest are based on supporting and aligning with our stated ESG impact mandates (e.g., charitable/public good ventures, asset management, energy, real estate, minerals, and technology).
Allocation of available funds to approved ventures will be determined by a community selection process open to all Standard contributors through a crowdfunding process. Funded mandates will trigger an agreement between Standard and the successful mandate which will allow them to operate as a Standard Venture and leverage the benefits this provides. These benefits will include access to internal expertise from our Houses, and potentially additional matched investment or connection to a pool of impact investors.
The Ventures Agreement sets out the financial relationship of reciprocity between a venture and Standard. This is variable depending on the nature of the venture, location, access to capital, area of operation and other factors. This ensures financial contribution requirements are not overwhelming to ventures and serve to stifle innovation, but also enables Standard to generate revenue for the treasury where ventures are thriving. The venture relationship is a mutually agreed one, and may be ended at any point by either partner, however Standard will incentivize loyalty by offering benefits to long-term partner’s.

Incubating the Newest Standard Assets

Some Standard Assets will be tokenized assets that are native to and launched first) Standard’s technology and under the Standard brand. SDA is the first example. However we will actively explore potential for other Standard Assets to be launched via the tokenization of real world assets and impact focused projects.
Plenty of asset and impact verticals are ripe for adoption of the Standard model, and use of already existing protocols, but have bottlenecks preventing greater usage (whether that be monetary, skilled labor, vision, partnerships, or a mixture of these and more.)
Standard will lead the process of supporting internal or venture partner projects to launch new assets through this process by connecting them to a growing community of experts, governance and technology to do so.
Successful incubations of Standard Ventures and assets will support not only the incubated protocol, but also SDA holders since a percentage of every venture project incubated will be allocated to the Standard treasury.

Incentivizing Development to Bring Off-chain Standard Assets On-chain

A Standard Digital Asset is defined by the number and diversity of the Standard Assets backing it, however many Standard Assets (e.g., real estate) are still not available to be integrated into Standard’s treasury to provide value to SDA holders. Standard will change this by working to bring off-chain assets like real estate, actual stocks, other precious metals, etc. on-chain to be able to hold in the treasury and potentially even earn yield from.
Standard will bring on industry leaders either into the DAO or as partners to the DAO to help form and execute plans to accomplish these goals. Over time, we expect to see Standard being a backbone for all major industries dedicated to a culture of inclusion, community, and innovation as all incentives will align through Standard.

We Love Maxis

Maximalism for a certain protocol or technology has gotten a bad rap. It starts when someone goes deep down a rabbit hole researching a technology that connects all the dots and is THE necessary thing to bring forward the fourth industrial revolution. If you’ve gotten this far in the docs, then you probably know exactly what we mean. Standard was not created to compete with other projects in the blockchain space. On the contrary we too are ‘maxis’ for the best projects with the strongest fundamentals and the greatest network effect so we plan to use these assets as a reserve basis for our treasury.
That’s why we created SDA tokenomics in a way that enables us to bring together all of the strongest communities and figure out how to accelerate the adoption of the best projects in a decentralized ecosystem where all values and economic incentives align. Blockchain is nothing without community and we believe that Standard will have the strongest community in the space.

NFT Community Partnerships

Standard members will receive a membership NFT that denotes membership in the platform and has gamified utility within the Standard ecosystem. Not only will the NFT enable holders to vote in decisions on the future DAOgovernance and development, but it will open up potential yield opportunities and discounted services in the defi and business services spaces.
We will also extend the ability to mint one of these Standard membership NFTs to strong communities outside of Standard that align with the values and mission of the organization (e.g., ENS domains). This will bring in key industry players as potential partners with vested interest in the success of the project. This collaboration will extend to collaborative mints with partner projects and shared revenues between protocols that will support all protocols and members of such communities involved.

DAO Governance

Standard will be legally incorporated as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Holders of Standard membership will be entitled to vote according to governance frameworks to be determined as a community.

Core DAO Governance

DAO Members will be able to participate in creating proposals, voting on proposals, and voting on mandates which could affect the Standard project in a considerable way. Rules for participation in certain decisions will be determined by Community Agreements, and active involvement may vary depending on the proposal type and a risk assessment. Proposals may range from simple membership rewards ideas, to a substantial change in how we are managing the treasury as a whole. Members will also contribute to community engagement on Discord and various social media platforms. DAO members are crucial to keeping SDA relevant and successful as a thriving collaborative enterprise.

DAO Scaling Model

The goal is to scale a DAO in the most efficient and cost-effective way while attracting and building the highest quality talent pool for the DAO. This is done via a sub-dao and venture model that empowers small autonomous units working within a larger strategic structure.
Standard will consist of a number of Houses, guilds, and even independent ventures operating autonomously and collaboratively within the larger Standard ecosystem.
We will build a streamlined flow to onboard contributors and upskill contributors from novice to expert and at the same time grow their commitment as a DAO member through these various groups. We will provide a clear roadmap for members to move from being a contributor to a Core Team and even creation of their own sub-DAO or venture under Standard’s ecosystem.
Each Member Journey within the DAO is underpinned by completing a large scale project that is too large to comprehend for any small group and time frame. This is the overarching framework of building a DAO that has the potential to onboard passionate community members with the ability to develop the vision of Standard for its community members and future subDAOs created.

Standard DAO Houses

Standard will curate and launch various Sub-DAO projects called ‘Houses’. These Houses are intended as permanent sub-dao business units within the DAO working on specific areas of the DAO’s core business. These houses will employ committed DAO members according to specialty fields. The Houses will also provide in-house services at discounted rates to mandates and projects being incubated within the Standard Ecosystem, as well as external consulting.
Below is the potential Member journey to join a Standard House:
Contributor → Guild Member → House Member
Houses already planned as making up the core for Standard include:
  • Publishing House
  • Development House
  • Asset Management House
  • Real Estate House
  • Energy House
  • Mineral House
  • Technology House

Standard Guilds

Contributor → Guild Member → House Member → Core Team Member
Standard will also found a number of guilds for members to conduct autonomous work towards core Standard goals. The guilds will form around certain work streams or practices. Guilds are less formal than Houses and members can be more casual and invest less time and energy. However, guild members will be able to bid on ‘bounties’ for work to be done as proposed by certain Houses or the core team. Guild members can make a proposal for a piece of work to be funded by Standard to a House or to the core team. Planned guilds include:
  • Translators Guild
  • Research Guild
  • Marketing and Communications Guild
  • Education Guild
  • Developers Guild
  • Design Guild
  • AudioVisual Guild
  • Analytics Guild
  • Operations Guild
  • Writers Guild
  • Technology Guild

Incubating Standard Ventures

There is also potential for independent external organizations to be surfaced from within the DAO ecosystem itself. The flow for an idea to become an independent venture will be to move from an idea stage, to a working group formed by the people most committed to the idea, then through to venture would be as follows:
Idea Phase → Working Group → Proto-Venture → Ventures
An informal working group can be catalyzed by any Standard member on any topic or mandate. If sufficient energy emerges from the network this group may apply to be evolved into a ‘proto-venture’ to explore potential to create a venture. If this sub-dao project appears to be successful and sustainable, it may decide to create its own legal wrapper as a separate venture within the Standard ecosystem. It can apply for funding to achieve this phase.
There are standard agreements for ventures that outline the guidelines for use of Standard branding and terms of access to resources by ventures which must be met at all times.


Phase 1

  • Strategic partnerships
  • Advisor onboarding
  • Community growth
  • Regulatory Playbook
  • Legal structure
  • Grant submissions
  • Presale

Phase 2

  • Protocol development
  • Audits
  • DAO creation, onboarding, and incentives
  • Growth funding
  • Marketing / Media campaign
  • Regulatory Playbook Launch
  • DAO growth to 10,000+ members
  • Standard business partners

Phase 3

  • Protocol launch (Bonds for impact)
  • International marketplace launch
  • Add Multisig signers
  • DAO growth to 50,000+ members
  • Media campaign
  • DeFi ecosystem partnerships
  • Infrastructure partnerships
  • Municipal partnerships
  • $100M TVL

Phase 4

  • Structured products
  • Institutional partnerships
  • US marketplace launch
  • Lending/Microlending